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Newsletter | July 2017
Ring-necked Duck.
Ring-necked Duck.
The 2017 Audubon Photography Awards: Top 100
Picking the winners of the 2017 Audubon Photography Awards can seem like an impossible task for our panel of expert judges. With so many incredible bird photos submitted, we want to share as many as possible. Check out the top 100 photos and learn the backstory behind each one. Read more
Riparian habitat along the Gila River.
In the Arid West, Protecting Oases Vital to Birds Requires Creative Solutions
Like people, birds depend on water, relying on it during migration, breeding, and nesting. But increasing pressures on already scarce Western waters have put birds and other wildlife in a perilous situation. Read more
Riparian habitat along the Gila River.
Bird blind at the Audubon Center at Riverlands, West Alton, Missouri
Windows into Another World: Take a Tour of Bird Blinds Across the Country
Bird blinds can be dark, cramped, and hard to get to, but for many visitors, the intimate view into the lives of the birds around them makes it worth it. In this photo essay, you can see that as with birds, every blind has its own character—and story.Read more
Bird blind at the Audubon Center at Riverlands, West Alton, Missouri.
Audubon in Action
Atlantic Puffin
Bird Cams From Across the Audubon Network
All across the country, live cameras stream glimpses into the fascinating lives of birds. You can watch Atlantic Puffins tucked into their burrows, Ospreys about to fledge from their nests, a Blue Jay taking a break from his educational duties, and more. Find all your favorite cams, now on Audubon.org. Watch the Cams
Atlantic Puffin.
Tundra Swans.
Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Under Attack
The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is one of the most prolific bird nurseries on the planet, with birds migrating through all fifty states and six continents to nest there. Unfortunately, the House Budget Committee just took the first step towards opening the Arctic Refuge to oil and gas development. Ask your members of Congress now to oppose these efforts.  Act Now
Tundra Swans.
Give to Audubon
Allen's Hummingbird.
A Gift That Costs You Nothing Now
It’s easy to name Audubon as a beneficiary of a retirement account, life insurance policy, or other financial account. These gifts cost you nothing now, require no minimum contribution, and enable you to change your beneficiaries at any time, for any reason. Request your FREE GUIDE today or find more information at audubon.org/planning.
Allen's Hummingbird.
Photos: Chris Hartzell/Audubon Photography Awards, Daily Overview/Satellite Imagery © DigitalGlobe, Tristan Spinski, Cyril Ruoso/Minden Pictures, William J. Pohley/Audubon Photography Awards, Kelly Overduijn/Audubon Photography Awards
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