Listening at Last to Female Birdsong
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Newsletter | March 2018
Listening at Last to Female Birdsong
Let’s hear it for the ladies, finally! A gender bias has existed in ornithology for as long as the science has, where experts have devoted more study to the behavior of male birds. Now female birds are starting to get their due through a new community-sourced project that will investigate their birdsong.Read more
Betty Reid Soskin.
A Conversation with Betty Reid Soskin
At age 96, Betty Reid Soskin is America’s oldest National Park Service ranger, with a passion for nature—and a commitment to justice—undiminished by time. We recently spoke with this extraordinary activist.
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Betty Reid Soskin.
Why Do Downys and Hairys Look So Much Alike?
These two woodpecker species aren’t all that closely related—but at a glance, they look so similar that even other birds mix them up. A new theory teases out reasons for their remarkable natural mimicry.Read more
Downy Woodpecker and Hairy Woodpecker.
Audubon in Action
Birding in Philly’s Forgotten Habitats
To create a fuller picture of urban bird life, Philadelphia’s Mid-Winter Bird Census seeks out even the city’s most neglected corners, surveying places not covered in the Christmas Bird Count: the Navy Yard, an abandoned asylum, even a garbage depot. “Birders love hitting the glamorous spots,” says Audubon Pennsylvania’s Keith Russell, the event’s founder. “We clean up in the places they don’t want to go.”  Read more
Marbled Murrelets.
Stop Anti-Conservation Attacks in Congress
As Congress considers this year’s spending bill, dozens of anti-environmental provisions are on the table, “riders” that put important bird habitats at risk: one of America's last primeval rainforests; the sagebrush ecosystem of the West; hundreds of thousands of acres of the Mississippi Delta; and more. Your action now helps protect these places birds need.  Take Action
Marbled Murrelets.
Travel for Birders
Plan Your Own Sustainable Birding Tour
Dreaming of birding in new landscapes while cultivating a global culture of conservation? By working with Audubon's premier tour guide partners, you'll have the opportunity to join one of many itineraries designed to guide your exploration of rich biodiverse hotspots throughout the Americas. Where will your travels take you?
Photos from top: Andrew Walmsley/Alamy; NPS; Ryan Scherb; Mike Fernandez/Audubon (left); (right); Walker Golder/Audubon
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