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Quarterly Newsletter / March 2019
Lands, Water & Wildlife Day at NM state capitol
Anne Beckett, ANM's Board Chair, and volunteer Russ Garland at Lands, Water & Wildlife Day at the state capitol
A Message from Jon Hayes, Audubon New Mexico's Executive Director
For those of us who believe a thriving natural world is an essential component of a prosperous future for New Mexico, the 2019 legislative session has provided plenty of reasons to celebrate while also serving as a reminder that our work is far from over.Read more
Suzy Santaella & Sally Maxwell
Suzy Santaella & Sally Maxwell
Staff Update!
Audubon New Mexico is pleased to fill two very important positions with two very special women!

As Audubon New Mexico’s Education Specialist, Sally Maxwell provides curriculum and experiential education for students Pre-K – 12 as well as adults. She will be the manager for summer camp at the Randall Davey Audubon Center & Sanctuary. 
Audubon NM staff at Belen Marsh
Audubon New Mexico staff at Belen Marsh
A Celebration of International Women's Month
Women are leaders in conservation and that is something to celebrate. Join us in reflecting on how the women in our lives connect us to nature, our communities, and to conservation in the western U.S.
The Rio Grande in Albuquerque
The Rio Grande, Albuquerque. Note the freshly scoured sand bar and multi-structured vegetation, all signs of a dynamic river. Photo: Paul Tashjian
Notes from the Rio: "Spring Pulse" March 2019
The ecology of the Rio Grande was born and bred on snowpack runoff. Historically each spring, melting snow in the mountains of the basin would swell the Rio onto its floodplain and drive river processes that led to the regeneration of Cottonwood trees, spawning of Silvery Minnow and the nesting of Southwestern Willow Flycatchers. Recent hydrologic analysis suggests that during most years this “spring pulse” would have made it all the way to the Gulf of Mexico, making the snowmelt pulse the primary ecologic driver for the Rio Grande.
Far Flung Adventures on the Rio Grande
Far Flung Adventures on the Rio Grande, photo: Michael DeYoung
Audubon New Mexico River Social
Join us for two river trips: on the Rio Grande, June 1-2, and the Rio Chama, July 20-21 and help support Audubon New Mexico’s Water for Birds and People Projects
The Masters Program Bake Sale to fund their projects at RDAC
Students from The Masters Program organized a bake sale to fund their service project at RDAC. (L-R: Justin, Forest, Deja, Amber, Joel, Celeste, and Melodie)
Service Learning at the Randall Davey Audubon Center & Sanctuary
While best known for field trips and summer camps, the education team at the Randall Davey Audubon Center & Sanctuary (RDAC) also delivers a special program for Santa Fe youth to give back to their community. Service learning programs combine hands-on, project-based learning with outdoor experience. Projects can last for a few hours, up to multiple visits per year, with tasks ranging from landscaping and pulling up invasive species, to trail restoration and acequia cleaning.
Collection of the New Mexico Museum of Indian Arts and Culture
Collection of the New Mexico Museum of Indian Arts and Culture
Audubon Day at the Center for New Mexico Archaeology
Join the staff of the Museum of Indian Arts and Culture and Audubon New Mexico on Saturday, May 4th at the Center for New Mexico Archaeology for Audubon Day: A Celebration of Birds.
Randall Davey Audubon Center & Sanctuary: What We've Got Going On
Henderson pavilion interior
Update on the David Jay Henderson Pavilion
At the Randall Davey Audubon Center & Sanctuary the birds definitely think it’s spring. They’re making their appearance known and the air is filled with song. Soon the colors in the gardens will be vying with the songsters for attention. Along with everything poised on the edge of beginning, is the David Jay Henderson pavilion.  Read more
David Jay Henderson Pavilion interior, March 2019
Steller's Jay
Upcoming Community Programs Spring 2019
Join us at the Randall Davey Audubon Center & Sanctuary for the many spring events. We are introducing two new series of programs, while continuing our Birding 101 classes. We hope to see you soon! Read more
Steller's Jay
Scrub Jay by Elroy Limmer
A Tally of New Mexico's Great Backyard Bird Count
Over 1,200 checklists were submitted and 202 species were counted putting us in the top ten for number of species seen. Click here for a tally of the state and country for 2019.
Scrub Jay photo: Elroy Limmer
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