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Letter from our Executive Director, Kristal Stoner
Many birds flock, but only a relative handful fly in synchrony to create the mesmerizing, flowing aerial formations. Scientists are still unraveling the mystery of how hundreds of birds seem to abruptly turn together midflight, but why they do it is well established; they are stronger when they work together. There is much to be learned and gained by mimicking the birds we protect...Read more
Photo: Evan Barrientos / Audubon Rockies
Audubon's Conservation Ranching Program
According to Audubon’s highly anticipated North American Grasslands and Birds Report, there is little debate that grasslands like we have in Nebraska are one of the most imperiled ecosystems in North America. With temperate grassland regions projected to have some of the highest rates of climate change...Read more
Photo: Camilla Cerea / Audubon
Climate Change and its Effect on Birds: A New Community Science Project
Audubon’s new community science project may provide answers for how climate change is affecting the nation’s birds. Nebraska volunteers were excited to take part.

Barbara DiBernard, a Lincoln-area volunteer, decided to get involved after retiring as an English professor. “The idea that a total non-scientist could participate and make observations was really appealing to me,” said Barbara...Read more
Supporters Meet Spring Challenge, Provide Funding For Habitat Conservation and Education
Audubon supporters stepped up and helped our Nebraska Audubon Centers reach funding goals this spring.

Spring Creek Prairie Audubon Center and Iain Nicolson Audubon Center at Rowe Sanctuary conducted fund drives fueled with the help of challenge gift donors. All together, 775 donors contributed more than $200,000...Read more
From Our Centers
Tallgrass Prairie near Lincoln, NE
Spring Creek Prairie Audubon Center focuses on conservation of the tallgrass prairie ecosystem and the birds that rely on it. More About This Center
The Prairie Takes Care of Itself, Right?
All prairie managers have heard it: “The prairie basically takes care of itself, right? Why don’t you just let nature take its course?”... Read more
Internships in Honor of Marian Langan
Marian Langan was the first director for Spring Creek Prairie Audubon Center. After her untimely passing in 2017, a memorial fund was set up to continue Marian’s passion of developing a new generation of conservation stewards... Read more
Bobolink’s my Favorite Bird, He Sings a Jazzy Little Song
If you happened to visit Spring Creek Prairie Audubon Center this summer, you may have heard this song being sung by young prairie explorers from Lincoln Community Learning Centers (CLCs)... Read more
Next to the Platte River near Kearney, NE
Iain Nicolson Audubon Center at Rowe Sanctuary is dedicated to the conservation of migratory birds and their habitat along the Platte River in south-central Nebraska. More About This Center
Audubon Collaborates to Recover Platte for Endangered Species
The Platte River Recovery Implementation Program is one of the most useful tools that we have to protect the river for wildlife and people into the future. This program was adopted in 2007 to... Read more
Vegetation Transects with The Crane Trust
A new collaborative effort at Rowe Sanctuary will expand the scientific knowledge of Platte River wet meadows and guide future management efforts. Read more
The 2019 Rowe Summer Camps: Days of Learning and Amazement
Rowe Sanctuary had a successful summer camp season with two weeks of Platte River Safari and one week of Flying Higher. Read more
Upcoming Events at Rowe Sanctuary
Homeschool Thursday – September 5, 10:00 am
Once a month, homeschool students can come out and explore nature with staff and volunteers at Audubon's Rowe Sanctuary.

Rowe Adventures: Monarch Watch – September 14, 1:00 pm
Come search for monarch butterflies as they embark on their southward journey to Mexico.

Wildflower Walk Wednesday – September 18, 9:00 am
Join a staff member on a relaxing nature walk to see what plants are blooming along the trails.

A River Runs Through It – September 21, 5:00 pm
Savor the sights, sounds and flavors of a sunset dinner on the banks of the Platte River at Rowe’s annual fundraising event.
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Upcoming Events at Spring Creek Prairie
Tastes in the Tallgrass – September 15, 4:00 pm
12th annual fundraising event featuring a prairie-style, sunset dinner.

Third Tuesday Bird Walk – September 17, 8:00 am
Sharpen your birding skills, meet fellow birders, and learn about prairie birds during these free guided bird walks.

Fall Fest: A Prairie Plant Party! – September 27, 5:00 pm
Annual prairie festival with kid and family-friendly activities, wagon rides, live music, a live bird show, and tons of native plants to be given away and purchased.

Birds & Brews Festival – September 29, 1:00 pm
Come learn about birds and prairie while tasting local craft brews, food (for purchase), and listening to great local tunes.View More Events
Thank you for being a member of the Audubon Nebraska flock! Stay tuned for future state and center updates, event invitations and so much more!
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