The CBC system is now open for adding count status and dates. 
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Great Egret/Photo by Mark Eden
Data entry open for adding count status and dates, and updated COVID guidelines
Dear CBC Compilers,

First and foremost, again we hope this message finds you and your loved ones well. Though the global COVID pandemic is somewhat under control, we still must remember to be safe as the Delta variant spreads wildly.

We have updated COVID-19 guidelines for the safe conduct of your count during the 122nd CBC, available on the Compiler Resources page here:
Again this season, Audubon will fully support any compiler who decides to cancel their count for this year. And if a compiler would like to proceed with the CBC, they must abide by the guidelines outlined in the link above. 

Once you have decided whether or not to hold your CBC, below are 6 things you need to know: 
1.    The 122nd Christmas Bird Count data entry application is now open for you to enter your count’s status and, if appropriate, expected date. To access the system click here or go to the CBC home page, scroll down and click on the tile that says “Compilers enter your data here”  You can enter your count dates, access blank field forms, check your compiler and participant lists, and confirm the information displayed to the public about your count.  Your username and password are the same as last year. 
2.    Instructions on how to use the data entry system can be found on the compilers resource page.
3.    If necessary update your contact information in the “My Profile” section at the top of the screen; this is where you can update your email address and other information. If you change your email address, the new full email address will become your NEW username for your CBC account. 
4.    Enter the date of your upcoming count on the “Count Date, Status, and Information” page. 
5.    If you elect to cancel your CBC, please enter that information on the page where you would enter the date, but in the “Compiler Comments” section that displays to the public on the map of active CBC circles.  Note that it takes about 24 hours for any edits to appear on the public map.
6.    Checklists for the 122nd CBC are again the same as last year’s. When the checklists are updated in the future, all interim taxonomic changes will be made retroactively, and you won’t need to do any manual management of your CBC records. 

Click here to access the Compiler’s web page for all the resources and materials you need to run your count and data entry.

Once you’ve entered your count status, Compiler Comments, and, if appropriate, your upcoming date please check your information on the Map of Expected Circles in the 122nd CBC .

Have questions? Ask us. We’re here to help! Email:

Thank you for all you do for science and birds,

The Audubon Christmas Bird Count Team

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Great Egret/Photo by Mark Eden
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