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Snowy Egret
Bringing the Issue of Declining Groundwater to the Surface
Webinar series elevates dialogue on one of Arizona’s most precious resources.

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Snowy Egret. Photo: Corey Lycopolus / Audubon
Acequia in Corrales, NM
Climate Change Puts New Mexico's Ancient Acequias to the Test
Communal irrigation systems that have sustained communities, culture, and birdlife for centuries are running dry in a drought-racked Southwest.  
Acequia in Corrales, NM. Photo: Marc De Simone / Alamy
Yellow-billed Cuckoo
Monsoon Madness: How Will Western Yellow-billed Cuckoos Respond as Climate Changes?
Insights and hope from the 2021 survey season
Yellow-billed Cuckoo. Photo: Helen Aikman / Audubon Photography Awards
News from our Centers
Patrick Iverson puts the finishing touches on the seed library
Randall Davey Audubon Center Hosts Native Seed Library
The seed library is a publicly accessible, no-cost library where visitors can “borrow” seeds, plant them, and then at the end of the growing season, save seeds from their plants and return a portion of those seeds to the library. Read more
Patrick Iverson puts the finishing touches on the seed library. Photo: Stella Reed / Audubon
Rio Salado Audubon Center pond. Photo: Chantal Duquette
Restoration at the Nina Mason Pulliam Rio Salado Audubon Center
A big effort for some tiny fish Read more
Rio Salado Audubon Center pond. Photo: Chantal Duquette
YCC Crew
Six Months as a Youth Conservation Corp Crew Leader
 Read more
from left: Melanie, Lyndsey, Brandon, Amanda, Shoki, and Joaquin at SITE Santa Fe
DRAS booth
In Phoenix, October 9 is Now Urban Wildlife Conservation Day
 Read more
DRAS booth
Male Williamson's Sapsucker
November's Bird of the Month: Williamson's Sapsucker
(Stryrapicus thyroideus); Chupasavia Oscuro (Spanish)
Male Williamson's Sapsucker. Photo: Tom Taylor/ Audubon volunteer
Arizona Communities Should be Able to Protect their Groundwater Resources
Policy Director Haley Paul testifies before Arizona House Study Committee examining groundwater issues.
How Audubon chapters and craft brewers are building a conservation community in Prescott, Arizona
Recovering America’s Wildlife Act

We need your voice for the river!

In the NY Times“[The Sandhill Cranes are] a sign of fall and a welcome home to their wintering grounds,” said Jon Hayes, the executive director of Audubon Southwest.

Climate crisis is changing NM’s fall season

On a cloudless July morning, hydrologist Paul Tashjian kneels in the dry river bed of New Mexico’s Rio Gallina, and digs out a sensor designed to track the desert river’s modest flow.

According to [Tice] Supplee at National Audubon, some desert bighorn sheep in Arizona had died for lack of water, and the “extended drought has resulted in less production of seeds for wintering birds, like wintering sparrows and seed-eating birds. 

A story map of AZ’s Important Bird Areas

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