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Western Water News January 2020
New Federal Rule Reduces Protections for Water in the West, Harming People and Birds
Last week, the White House announced finalization of rollbacks to the Clean Water Rule. The newly published rule removes Clean Water Act protections for many rivers, streams, and wetlands—particularly in the Southwest—which could allow them to be altered, degraded or filled without first seeking a federal permit. A large number of streams and wetlands that only flow or are wet for part of the year are now exempt from Clean Water Act protections. Some 138 species and subspecies of birds in the U.S. are designated as “wetland dependent” and many more are threatened by the new rule. Read more.
Bell's Vireo. Photo: Steve Maslowski and U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
Five Audubon Chapters Awarded with Western Water Grants
Audubon is thrilled to announce the first round of small grants awarded to Western Water chapters. As a collective, we can make positive changes that heal remote areas of the Colorado River, survey rural reaches of the Rio Grande, and advocate for the hundreds of miles of wetlands along Great Salt Lake. The Western Water chapter grant process creates more opportunities for this work and supports existing projects occurring locally.
American Dipper. Photo: Cindy Goeddel/Audubon Photography Awards
Water Policy Updates from Around the West
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