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Bird-Friendly Communities | Fall Bulletin
Ruby-throated Hummingbird and Coral Honeysuckle. .
And the 2018 Bird-Friendly Native Plant Winners are…
This year, we gave North Carolina gardeners a chance to vote for the 2018 Bird-Friendly Native Plants of the Year. Hundreds of supporters cast their vote narrowing down 24 candidates to our final 12 plants. Now that the votes have been counted, see which plants our partner nurseries and gardeners will be growing in 2018!See the winners!
Saving Our Birds Programs – Registration Still Open
This Monday, join us for a special Bird-Friendly Native Plants Education Day for gardeners and professionals including bird-friendly growers, retailers, landscape design professionals and landscapers. Learn how you can start helping birds in more yards across North Carolina.
Plants for Birds Yard Sign
Fall is the Time to Plant for Birds
Fall is the best time to put more bird-friendly native plants in the ground. This year, Audubon has made it even easier to select plants that will work for your yard. Browse the Native Plant Database to find native plants that help birds right where you live.
Josh Williams and Kim Brand inspect a nest box.
Clean Out Nest Boxes and Share Who Nested There
Fall is a great time to clean out your nest boxes. Remove the old nesting material and help your nuthatches have a cozy winter. And please take five minutes to let us know who nested in your boxes. Your data will help us identify occupancy rates and understand how much we’re helping this priority bird.
Chimney Swift Tower
2016 Bird of the Year: Chimney Swift
It’s been a busy season celebrating our 2016 Bird of the Year, the Chimney Swift! Most swifts have migrated south for the winter, but there are plenty of ways to protect the places they need to thrive. Start a Swift Tower construction project in your community to ensure they have a place to roost when they return to our state next spring.
Photo Credit: Will Stuart, Kim Brand, Sarah Gilley, Chris Kelly. 
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