Urge Your Representative to Protect Seabirds 

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Protect Seabirds by Saving Forage Fish
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Urge Your Representative to Protect Seabirds 
Photo of Atlantic Puffin with beakful of fish.
Atlantic Puffins are one of the many seabirds that rely on forage fish.
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Today, there are three hundred million fewer seabirds in the world than there were in 1950, a population decline of seventy percent. These magnificent birds such as Atlantic Puffins, Least Terns, and Bald Eagles rely on fish as their primary food source, but they often can’t find enough to eat.

Urge your U.S. Representative to protect seabirds by protecting the fish they need to survive.

Forage fish are small, schooling fish such as anchovies and sardines that fuel the entire marine ecosystem. A new bill, the Forage Fish Conservation Act, aims to change the way fish are managed to include the dietary needs of seabirds, marine mammals, and more. The bill would allow these essential fish populations to rebound and become more stable so that the seabirds and other marine wildlife, people, and economies that depend on them can continue to thrive.

The bill was just introduced this week, so now is the time for your member of Congress to hear that it’s important to you! Please ask your representative to protect seabirds by supporting the Forage Fish Conservation Act.  
Thank you,
Karen Hyun
Vice President, Coastal Conservation
National Audubon Society
P.S. Yesterday, Audubon members from around the country met with their members of Congress—many for the first time—to advocate in support of this bill. Your letter will help amplify their message.
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Photo: Bonnie Block/Audubon Photography Awards
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