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Audubon Rockies Newsletter | March 2021
Greater Sage-Grouse display at sunrise.
Tell Congress to Act on Cheatgrass
Our new film, Western Roots at Risk, features the people on the front line of the battle against cheatgrass. Fortunately, the ongoing federal appropriations process is a chance to allocate $72 million for cheatgrass control and habitat restoration that would help ensure a healthy future for sagebrush steppe, sage-grouse, and many other wildlife found nowhere else. Will you help by telling your members of Congress to support this funding? For too long the sagebrush sea has been overlooked. It’s up to people like you to speak up for it.  Take action
Greater Sage-Grouse. Photo: Evan Barrientos/Audubon Rockies.
A woman plants a native plant.
New Habitat Hero Workshop Series
Want to plant your own bird-friendly garden this spring? Registration just opened for our new bird-friendly gardening workshop series! Join us for six free sessions on designing, installing, and maintaining gardens that attract and help birds.
Photo: Parker Seibold
A Bald Eagle looks upward.
Getting Green Laws 2021
Lobbying for bird-friendly legislation is one of the most impactful ways to help birds and the environment, but at first it can seem daunting. During Getting Green Laws, an annual free webinar co-hosted by Denver Audubon, a professional lobbyist, and Audubon policy staff walk you through strategies for influencing your representatives on policies affecting birds. This year we will hold two identical virtual sessions on March 31 and April 3.
Bald Eagle. Photo: Dave Wilson/Audubon Photography Awards
Greater Sage-Grouse display.
Audubon Afterschool: Sagebrush Adventures
In the next session of Audubon Afterschool, let's take a virtual hike through the sagebrush ecosystem together! What is sagebrush? Where is sagebrush and why do we care? In this sagebrush adventure, we'll learn why more than 350 species of plants and animals call this ecosystem home. March 31 is the last day to register your child and only 15 spaces are left!
Greater Sage-Grouse. Photo: Evan Barrientos/Audubon Rockies
A Great Blue Heron adult and chicks in a nest.
Colorado Water Plan Update Is Underway
In the coming decades, Colorado’s water supply could face a large shortfall. The state is changing, and the Colorado Water Plan must be responsive. Here are two ways you can engage in the plan’s update.
Great Blue Herons. Photo: Pamela Underhill Karaz/Audubon Photography Awards
Birding Webinars
A male Hooded Merganser displays.
Birding 101
Spring migration is just around the corner! Get ready for it by joining Community Science Coordinator Zach Hutchinson as he revisits his extremely popular introduction to birding, Birding 101. This free webinar will cover the basics of bird identification, field guide selection and usage, and much more. All ages and birding levels are welcome! Register
Hooded Merganser. Photo: Scott Suriano/Audubon Photography Awards
A Marsh Wren sings from a cattail.
Birding by Ear 101
Bird song can seem complicated. It is, after all, another language! However, with some practice, it can let you detect and identify vastly more birds. Let us help you decode some of the magic! In this free webinar, we'll not only listen to soundbite recordings, but also look at visual representations of songs and calls, allowing for various means of understanding. Register
Marsh Wren. Photo: Craig Goettsch/Audubon Photography Awards
Ian stands in front of a birdfeeder.
Young and Inspired
Imagine yourself as a 12-year-old again. What would you do if your grandfather gave you his stimulus check to donate to the charities of your choice? Would you have donated it to a bird conservation nonprofit? Well, that’s what Ian Thorstad did.
Ian Thorstad, a 12-year-old donor. Photo: Jennifer Thorstad.
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We’re excited to announce that JAX Mercantile Co. became a sponsor of the Habitat Hero garden at Jack’s Solar Garden!
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