Speak up today to protect eastern Colorado’s public land before the public comment period closes Friday, September 20th!
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Tell the Bureau of Land Management to protect Colorado’s public land.
Close-up photo of a Golden Eagle.
Golden Eagles are among the priority species that depend on the public lands that would be opened to oil and gas development.

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The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is proposing to change the future of what eastern Colorado will look like, with a focus on prioritizing energy development over preserving important wildlife habitat and scenic landscapes.

BLM is proposing to open up 98 percent of eastern Colorado’s federal public lands to oil and gas development. This egregious plan will result in loss, disturbance, and other negative impacts to our waterways, bird and wildlife habitat, and recreation opportunities. BLM is pursuing this approach despite their own data showing that 85 percent of these public lands have no or low potential for oil and gas development.

Speak up today to protect eastern Colorado’s public land before the comment period closes Friday, September 20th!

BLM is revising its Resource Management Plan (RMP) that guides decisions for the eastern half of Colorado—how 658,000 acres of public land will be managed for the next 20 to 30 years.

The area being considered includes 43 migratory bird species identified by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service as priority species and 13 BLM-identified sensitive species.

These public lands provide outstanding recreational opportunities for our communities in central Colorado and Colorado’s Front Range and support hundreds of thousands of visitors to this region for the diverse and spectacular public landscape. These intact natural BLM public lands provide pristine watersheds, highly valued wildlife habitat, and scenic viewscapes and overlooks.

Protect eastern Colorado’s high conservation-valued areas and oppose BLM’s plan to prioritize energy development above all else.

Daly Edmunds
Director of Policy & Outreach
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