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Audubon Rockies Newsletter | May 2021
A Spotted Towhee perched in a bush.
Welcome Back, Birds!
Spring is a time of rebirth. Birds are finally returning, heavy snows are restoring moisture, and plants are blooming. As the birds arrive, you may be busy tending your bird-friendly garden to welcome them home. If so, we invite you to apply for Habitat Hero certification. Help your garden inspire others to take action by submitting our new, streamlined application! Apply
Spotted Towhee on American wild plum. Photo: Evan Barrientos/Audubon Rockies
A map showing high bird migration in Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming.
Lights Out for Birds!
We’re expecting another big push of migrants in the next three nights! Please help them fly safely by turning off outdoor lights after dark. Each year, light pollution causes the deaths of millions of birds. Because most migrants navigate at night using celestial cues, artificial lighting attracts and disorients them, causing them to collide with buildings or exhaust themselves. If you live in Colorado, take the new Lights Out Colorado pledge!
Lights Out Alert for May 6. Map: BirdCast.
A pair of Eared Grebes swim with chicks.
Science-Based Program for Saline Lake Ecosystems
Legislation that would establish the U.S. government’s first coordinated regional assessment of Great Basin saline lakes was re-introduced last week by Senator Merkley and Senator Romney. Saline lakes and their wetlands contribute specialized habitat for millions of birds and support local economies, but they are in decline. Scientific monitoring and assessments can help us conserve these vital ecosystems.
Eared Grebes. Photo: Wendy Crowe/Audubon Photography Awards
A montane stream surrounded by willows.
Colorado Water Legislator Webinar
Now is a critical moment for Colorado’s water quality, which countless birds and people depend on. Join our last Colorado Water Legislator Webinar on May 11 to learn from a variety of Colorado water leaders about the threats and solutions needed.
Colorado headwaters at risk. Photo: Abby Burk
A graphic of a Red-winged Blackbird perched on antlers.
Save the Date: Wyoming BioBlitz 2021
In-person Wyoming BioBlitz is back! This year it will be held at The Brinton Museum in Big Horn, Wyoming, on July 23- 25, 2021. Discover a Wyoming gem, survey wildlife, and have a blast with your family and friends! Registration will open in June.
Graphic: Allie Pawlow/Biodiversity Institute.
Cookies decorated like Burrowing Owls.
How to Make Bird Cookies
Looking for a fun family activity that involves birds and food? In Community Naturalist Jacelyn Downey’s blog post, learn how to decorate, bake, and eat your favorite bird…COOKIE!
A flock of Burrowing Owl cookies. Photo: Jacelyn Downey
Water Actions for Coloradans
A Bank Swallow perched on a bank.
Protect Colorado Habitat from Drought and Wildfires
Right now, Colorado legislators are considering increasing investments in the Colorado Water Plan. This new support would help preserve Colorado’s birds, other wildlife, agricultural heritage, and world-renowned recreation. Please ask your state senator to support HB21-1260 and the transfer of funds to support implementation of the Colorado Water Plan. Take action
Bank Swallow. Photo: Photo: Joseph Higbee/Flickr (CC BY-NC 2.0)
An American Dipper in a stream carrying a leaf.
Protect Colorado’s Water Quality
The Colorado Water Quality Control Commission recently proposed a rule change that would allow water quality degradation without having to show a compelling need. Sign our petition asking the Colorado Water Quality Control Commission to protect Colorado's water quality by not changing the antidegradation rule. Take action
American Dipper. Photo: Cindy Goeddel/Audubon Photography Awards
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