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Newsletter | July 2021
A Lesser Yellowlegs stretches in a wetland.
Yellowlegs at Great Salt Lake
Greater and Lesser Yellowlegs are two shorebirds that flock in abundance at Great Salt Lake and migrate through the Rockies. They can be tricky to identify, but there’s so much more to them than their field marks. Learn about their behavior, habitat, migration, and, yes, how to tell them apart in our new article. Read more
Lesser Yellowlegs. Photo: Nick Shearman/Audubon Photography Awards
WyoGives logo next to Western Meadowlark
WyoGives Is Next Week!
On July 14 there’s a uniquely Wyoming way to support Audubon Rockies. WyoGives is a day of online giving designed for Wyomingites to raise money and awareness for nonprofits in their state. As the regional Audubon office for Wyoming, we’re honored to help conserve the birds and beauty of this incredible state. Our Community Naturalist program, Conservation Ranching Initiative, Sagebrush Ecosystem Initiative, and Habitat Hero program all serve Wyoming’s people and wildlife. By supporting us for WyoGives, you’ll benefit the children, educators, ranchers, and bird-lovers we work with across Wyoming. 
Western Meadowlark. Photo: Evan Barrientos/Audubon Rockies
Native bee on goldenrod flowers.
Habitat Hero Ceremony at Jack’s Solar Garden
As solar farms grow across the Front Range, we’re exploring the potential to boost their habitat value through bird-friendly plantings. Last year, we partnered with Jack’s Solar Garden to plant more than 3,000 plants around their solar array in Longmont, Colorado. On August 25, we’re inviting you to see the results! Join us to learn about the exciting combination of solar energy and bird-friendly gardens.
Native bee in a Habitat Hero garden. Photo: Evan Barrientos/Audubon Rockies
The Green River flows below rocky cliffs.
Water Awareness and Funding for Birds and People
Colorado may be facing brutal drought and major wildfire challenges, but the last legislative session was a productive one. Colorado lawmakers approved more than $53 million in new bills for water-related projects. Learn about progress made on the Colorado Water Plan, watershed resilience, and agricultural drought resilience in our latest water update.
The Green River in Echo Park and Dinosaur National Monument. Photo: Mitch Tobin/The Water Desk
Long-billed Curlew spreads its wings.
Curlews, Ranching, and Reconsideration
“I’ll tell you the truth, I balked at this grazing stuff. I thought he was loony bins…But I’ve been to the places he uses this kind of grazing and…there is something to it…He’s convinced me, and I’m a hardheaded old bugger.” Those are the words of a longtime Wyoming rancher at a recent ranching workshop we co-hosted. Watch his great interview and learn how we’re helping ranchers adapt to challenging conditions while conserving important wildlife habitat.
Long-billed Curlew. Photo: Richard Derevan/Audubon Photography Awards
A boy photographs a plant with his phone.
Virtual Wyoming BioBlitz
Summer is here, and there’s so much to see! If you live in Wyoming, Virtual Wyoming BioBlitz is a great way to explore and learn about the plants and wildlife of your state. Plus, you’ll be participating in a statewide community science effort to collect data! Learn how to participate from anywhere in Wyoming from July 30 to August 2.
Identifying plants at Wyoming BioBlitz 2019. Photo: Evan Barrientos/Audubon Rockies
People at the garden ceremony.
Unveiling the Terry Hershey Memorial Garden
On June 22, we held a dedication ceremony for the Terry Hershey Memorial Garden in Pagosa Springs. This Habitat Hero project was the result of a tremendous volunteer effort during the pandemic, and we’re excited to formally introduce it to the community. If you missed the event, check out Community Naturalist Keith Bruno’s interview with KSUT Public Radio.
The Terry Hershey Memorial Garden dedication. Photo: Liz Jamison
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