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Beidler Forest Center & Sanctuary Newsletter | March 2023
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Interested in fireflies? Look no further!
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This year, when conditions are right, we will be taking a limited number of reservations for firefly observation from the boardwalk. We have been surveying throughout the swamp to increase our understanding of the habits of the fireflies that live at Beidler, and we're excited to share this unique experience with you! While we certainly have fireflies, we are still learning more about what species call Beidler Forest their home. Synchronizing fireflies have been witnessed, as well as fireflies with different flashing patterns – which suggests there are multiple species!

If you are interested in attending one of our Firefly Nights during peak season this spring, please fill out our interest form so that you'll be one of the first to know when reservations are available. 

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Graphic: Richard Covey
First recorded Prothonotary Warbler of 2023, a male bright yellow perched high in a tree singing.
Prothonotary Warblers have returned to Beidler!
The first Prothonotary Warbler of 2023 was spotted by Beidler's Naturalist Kristin Threet during her Birding on the Boardwalk program on Saturday, March 25th. Thanks to all that participated in our annual first sighting contest! We will be reaching out to those who won with prizes. Join one of our Birding on the Boardwalk programs this spring to see these bright and vocal “swamp canaries.” 

Prothonotary Warbler. Photo: John Hillery.
A Prothonotary Warbler - bright yellow - perched on a snag above dark flowing water
Members-only Early Riser Access to the Boardwalk
This April, Beidler members are invited to access the boardwalk on Friday mornings beginning at 7:00am before we open to the public. Fill your thermos with coffee or tea and see the swamp at first light! Great for photographers, birders, and other "early birds” who like to get out before the boardwalk gets busy. Please note that reservations are required in advance. If you have questions, please reach out to Interest in this program but aren't a Beidler member? Become one here!  

Prothonotary Warbler. Photo: Aaron Angel.
Several Eastern Bluebirds are perched around a warm-red water dish on a wooden handrail.
Species Spotlight: Eastern Bluebird
These small thrushes prefer to live in open country with patches of trees from which to perch between bug hunts. They are well-known backyard birds due to their willingness to visit feeders offering mealworms, and in the southeast are enjoyed by bird lovers year round. The real treat of hosting bluebirds, though, is being able to put up a nest box for them to raise their young. 

Eastern Bluebirds. Photo: Danny Brown.
"The full-bodied Barred owl is parti-striped in brown and white. The owl perches on the right foot, and cocks up the left foot with a gnarled claw. It leans its head forward to preen the left leg feathers."
Photo Contest Results!
Thanks to all who submitted photos to our "For the Love of Beidler” Photo Contest in February. We mixed things up by creating some challenging categories that were both interesting and fun. This was a contest that anyone was welcomed to participate in, no experience required. We can't wait to do it again!
Barred Owl. Photo: David Bedard / Beidler Forest Photo Awards
A fork-tailed white bird lined almost all the way around in black plumage kites across a light blue sky.
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Swallow-tailed Kite. Photo: David Ramage.
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