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In an arid state like Arizona, it is critical that we make every drop count, and use water as wisely as possible. Urge your state senator to support HB 2675, which would encourage water conservation and leave more water flowing in rivers—benefiting people and birds. 

This bill allows a river water user to conserve water on their property—such as switching to crops that require less water or upgrading to efficient irrigation systems—and be confident that any water saved is not subject to “use it or lose it,” or forfeiture of water rights based on non-use.

With this legislation, water users who submit a water conservation plan to the Arizona Department of Water Resources are protected from losing their water rights for use in the future. The bill makes clear that a water user who is conserving under a water conservation plan is not abandoning or forfeiting the water they save.

HB 2675 would encourage the wise use of water and eliminate the fear that many water users have that if they do the right thing and conserve, they will lose their water rights. 

The bill is likely to keep more water in Arizona’s rivers—benefiting countless species, from migrating warblers to resident herons—because water users will no longer feel compelled to divert and use every drop they are entitled to, just to show they are using it. 

Take action: urge your senator to support HB 2675

Thank you for bringing this important issue to the attention of your legislators, and for all you do to protect Arizona’s rivers.
Yours in Conservation,
Haley Paul
Policy Manager
Audubon Arizona
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