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Black Skimmers. Photo: Collette Lauzau
Black Skimmers. Photo: Collette Lauzau
David Yarnold tours Lake O.
Conservation in a Time of Social Distancing
Audubon Florida was founded in 1900. Against a background of epidemics and depressions, world wars and explosive growth, we have played a role in all major conservation issues for over 120 years. These are strange days, but we are adapting and staying focused on what makes us Audubon: our deep commitments to conservation, Florida, and each other.

Our staff are transitioning to remote work where we can, while still continuing to protect our birds and natural resources in the field. In all places where we work we continue to practice social distancing and follow CDC guidelines.

For now, our Center for Birds of Prey and Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary are closed to the public, and our volunteer trainings moved online for the foreseeable future. We are working together to create new material for folks remaining at home, highlighting the amazing species of the Sunshine State.

To keep us connected, Audubon Florida is publishing a weekly newsletter for the duration of the coronavirus outbreak. Our critical efforts to protect birds and the places they need continue, and we want to share our successes and victories with the people who make it all possible – you!

Wishing you all good health and good birds at your window.

Julie Wraithmell
Executive Director,
Audubon Florida
American Flamingo. Photo: Scott Hamsik
American Flamingo. Photo: Scott Hamsik
Five Inspiring Audubon Florida Stories
Our native species and the communities that love them can inspire us during troubled, stressful times. We’ve collected five stories from the past year to add a bright spot to your day!

1) Successful summer nesting season leads to surge in Snowy Plover populations.

2) It’s baby owl season at the Audubon Center for Birds of Prey.

3) Flamingo returns to St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge.

4) Second-oldest Roseate Spoonbill spotted at the Alafia Bank Bird Sanctuary.

5) Migration has begun.

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A video taken of the first Barred Owl baby of the season. See the link below to watch!
A video taken of the first Barred Owl baby of the season. See the link below to watch!
It's Baby Raptor Season at the Center for Birds of Prey!
They are fluffy, they are feisty, they are baby owls! Each spring the Center for Birds of Prey cares for young owls that have been temporarily displaced until they can be returned to their nests, adopted by an education facility, or released back into the wild. The first Barred Owl at the clinic had a broken elbow and digestion issues, but recovered and has been eating voraciously! He will move to a new home at an education facility to inspire others to care for Florida's wild creatures.

Click here to watch a video of the baby Barred Owl!
Least Tern on St. Pete Beach. Photo: Jeff Liechty
Least Tern on St. Pete Beach. Photo: Jeff Liechty
Least Terns Return to Florida to Nest
Every year, Least Terns migrate northward to nest in the United States. Last week, Audubon coastal staff spotted the earliest arrivals! The terns will lay their eggs on open beaches or gravel rooftops and chicks fledge from mid-June to early August.

Where beaches are open and staff can safely practice social distancing and follow CDC guidelines, Audubon coastal team members monitor the nesting birds and protect them from disturbance.

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Brown Pelican. Photo: Dennis Stewart.
Brown Pelican. Photo: Dennis Stewart.
Florida's 2020 Legislative Session Comes to a Close
Florida’s 60-day legislative session came to a close with the passage of the state budget. Audubon staff worked tirelessly on legislation related to Water, Everglades, Climate, and funding for land acquisition and conservation programs this year, working to move good bills to the finish line and minimize the effects of bad bills. Thanks to your responses to our action alerts, many of those harmful amendments were withdrawn. Thank you – we couldn’t have done it without you!

This end-of-session report highlights our successes as well as some of the challenges we faced. Our thoughts are already turned towards next year.
New Education Materials Online
Looking for a few at-home activities this week? We have uploaded lesson plans, Florida Bird Bingo, virtual lunch and learns, and more to our new educational resources page!

Click here to check it out. 
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