Happy new year! Here are a couple ways to celebrate and start the year strong.
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Audubon Rockies Newsletter | January 2021
Three Double-crested Cormorants fly with a sunlit background.
A Letter From Our Director
Happy New Year! I write these three words with much joy and gusto. 

I know we’re all ready to put 2020 in our collective review mirrors. When thinking about looking back at 2020 I thought of the following quote: “It is ok to glance back, just don’t stare.” Personally, I am not sure I even want to glance back on 2020. However, I would be making a mistake if I did not, as there are always lessons to be learned, a kernel of hope to take forward, things we don’t want to forget.
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Double-crested Cormorants fly over Audubon's Gillmor Sanctuary. Photo: Evan Barrientos/Audubon Rockies
An American Avocet forages in a shallow wetland.
Securing Gillmor Sanctuary’s Future
Last month Epperson Associates, LLC donated a 413-acre property worth $1 million to Audubon’s Gillmor Sanctuary along Great Salt Lake. The true value of this donation, however, lies not in these numbers, but in water. The water delivery system for all of Gillmor is contained in this property. Under Audubon ownership, it secures the future of wetland restoration for countless birds.
An American Avocet forages at Gillmor Sanctuary. Photo: Evan Barrientos/Audubon Rockies
Yellow Warbler.
New Protections for Wildlife in Colorado’s Energy Future
On November 23, the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission finalized amendments to its regulations as part of the agency’s extraordinary change in mission. Key wins include protections for streams, riparian areas, and wildlife corridors; strengthened protections for migratory birds and sage-grouse; and a commitment to mitigating unavoidable adverse impacts. A big thanks to you all who spoke up!
Yellow Warbler. Photo: Brian Collier/Audubon Photography Awards
A Northern Harrier flies through snowfall.
Still Snow Much Fun
Registration for our next Audubon Afterschool session closes on January 6! Don’t miss this chance for your children or grandchildren to learn about the wonders of snow with our Community Naturalists.
Northern Harrier. Photo: Christopher Ciccone/Audubon Photography Awards
A Double-crested Cormorant perches on a branch silhouetted by moonlit clouds.
Lights Out
Did you know that light pollution kills millions of migratory birds each year? Fortunately, turning off lights and reducing light pollution is an easy way you can make a real difference for birds. To make an even bigger impact, you can also contact elected officials and building managers using our sample letters.
Double-crested Cormorant. Photo: Attiana Cogswell/Audubon Photography Awards
An Eastern Screech-Owl with its mouth open.
We’re incredibly proud to report that 511 of you helped us raise $37,726 on Colorado Gives Day! That is far more than we’ve ever raised and we had more than TWICE as many donors than ever before. Thank you for supporting us during such a difficult year!
Eastern Screech-Owl. Photo: Matt Cuda/Audubon Photography Awards
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