What’s the the fashion forecast for birds this fall?
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Newsletter | October 2018
American Goldfinches.
Dressed to Chill
What’s the the fashion forecast for birds this fall? Some birds will swap out their bright breeding plumage for a more subdued look. How will you recognize them? With our autumn ID tips.Read More
Video: They Drink Birds’ Tears
A nighttime hike led to this amazing video of a tiger moth in the Brazilian Amazon slurping from the eyeball of a sleeping bird. Learn what’s behind this hair-raising but harmless behavior.
Black-chinned Antbird and Gorgone macarea moth.
Leave the Leaves. It’s Better for Birds.
Hate to rake? Good news for laissez-faire landscapers: Messy yards give birds a great source of winter food and shelter. Learn what to do—and what not to do—in your yard this fall.
Blue Jay.
Audubon in Action
Airport Plans Thwarted in a Win for Wildlife
Birds and airplanes don’t mix—so when Audubon Louisiana got wind of a plan to run a new airport through a critical wildlife refuge, they stepped up to stop it.  Read More
Black Skimmers on Elmer's Island, Louisiana.
Give Birds Safer Skies
Each year birds die by the millions when they collide with buildings. Urge your members of Congress to support a bill to help birds avoid these collisions by promoting bird-friendly building measures.  Act Now
Scarlet Tanager.
Get Active with Audubon
Hoping to capture some stunning shots this fall?
Check out Canon’s top picks for photo gear for birders and then take your best shots while migration is still in full swing!
Photos from top: Scott Leslie/Minden Pictures; Leandro Moraes; Laura Frazier/Audubon Photography Awards; Mike Fernandez/Audubon; Linda Steele/Audubon Photography Awards; Hannah Badgett / Audubon Photography Awards
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