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Audubon New Mexico
Quarterly Newsletter | July 2019
On the Rio with Far Flung Adventures
On the Rio with Far Flung Adventures
A Message from Jon Hayes, Audubon New Mexico's Executive Director
While usually well suited to their lifestyle, there are certain times and certain places where particular birds simply appear to be out of their element.Read more
Bugs tickle!
Bugs tickle!
Summer Camp Update 2019
The sun is high, the bees are buzzing, and the Randall Davey Audubon Center & Sanctuary is filled with laughter and exclamations of wonder and amazement.
Audubon NM staff and volunteers and Valle de Oro
Audubon NM staff and volunteers at Valle de Oro
A hot New Mexico summer doesn't stop volunteers from working to restore our Bosque
July in Albuquerque is hot. Residents stay clear of heat rising from miles of concrete and asphalt by taking cover inside while hoping summer monsoons will give momentary relief.
Let's Go Birding Together! Capitol building 2019
Let's Go Birding Together, state capitol, Santa Fe 2019
Audubon New Mexico Participates in Pride, Santa Fe
Audubon New Mexico was proud to participate in Santa Fe’s Pride celebration this year.
The Rio Grande at
The Rio Grande at Bernardo in July 2018, a record drought year. Audubon New Mexico assisted management agencies and the Rio by providing leased water to this part of the Rio for 2 months. Photo credit: Paul Tashjian
Notes from the Rio: Cathedral Thinking, July 2019
With all the water in the Rio Grande this year, this may seem like an odd time to talk about climate change.
Amy Erickson
Amy Erickson
Audubon New Mexico Welcomes a New Avian Biologist
Amy Erickson joins our staff.
Pavilion, June 2019
The David Jay Henderson Pavilion is completed!
Before, during, and after.
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