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May Newsletter 2021
Lesser Prairie Chicken
Five Reasons Why It's Time to List the Lesser Prairie Chicken
For the Lesser Prairie Chicken, the time is long overdue for Fish and Wildlife Service to extend protections to the bird that was first proposed for Endangered Species Act listing in 1995.Read more
Lesser Prairie Chicken. Melody Lytle / Audubon Photography Awards
Yellow-billed Cuckoo
150,000 Acres of Critical Habitat Designated for the Western Yellow-billed Cuckoo in Arizona
How Audubon made a difference for one of the West’s most imperiled birds 
Yellow-billed Cuckoo. Mary Miguez / Audubon Photography Awards
Summer Tanager
Understanding Arizona's Groundwater and Its Importance to People and Birds
This story map will introduce the fundamentals in understanding Arizona’s groundwater - what it is, how it is (or is not) managed, the increase in its use over time, its importance to birds and people, and tools and solutions to ensure its sustainable use.
Summer Tanager. Mitch Walters / Audubon Photography Awards
News from Audubon Southwest and Beyond

A Bird (and People) Budget for Arizona’s Legislature  
    en Espanol 

NM Legislative Wrap Up  

Planting Along the Colorado River with Cocopah Indian Tribe and Yuma Audubon 

We’re All in this Together: How Community Science Helps Birds 

New Mexico’s Governor Signs the Environmental Database Act

Experts advocate to divert AZ general fund budget toward environmental causes
News from Audubon Southwest's Centers
Introducing Genaro Ruiz: Rio Salado Audubon Center's new Center Director
Audubon Southwest and the Nina Mason Pulliam Rio Salado Audubon Center are happy to welcome Genaro Ruiz, Center Director, to our staff. Read more
Rio Salado Audubon Center, Phoenix
solar shade structure
Randall Davey Audubon Center has a new solar shade structure!
Learn about birds, get some shade, and on sunny days watch electricity being generated (very quietly) by photovoltaic panels.  Read more
solar shade structure
Least Bittern
Audubon Southwest's Bird of the Month for May
The Least Bittern (Ixobrychus exilis); Avetoro menor (Spanish)
Least Bittern. Photo: Nina Shaw at the Gilbert Riparian Preserve
Genaro Ruiz
Our Featured Staff Video: Genaro Ruiz
Don't Miss Our Continuing Webinar Series!
May 13: El Rito Grande, Conserving a Once Mighty River

May 26: Using Your Voice for Birds, an Advocacy Webinar

June 9: Beer & Birds, Brewery Partnerships for Conservation

June is PRIDE Month! Save the Dates for NM’s Let’s Go Birding Together! Bird Walks

Audubon Southwest’s Birdathon is May 8th. Register HERE

Did you miss last month’s webinar on growing native plants in the low desert? You can watch Starting from Seeds here 

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