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Center News: May 2020
Let's Connect: Birds, Nature & Each Other
During these trying times, we want to create a network of hope for you and your family. Although both of our centers are closed, our team has been hard at work, creating activities and other programs for you to try at home and outside. See what we have in store for you!
The John James Audubon Center
At the John James Audubon Center, we strive to create fun and engaging programs for the public, and to provide a network of hope to our friends and guests. Even though the building is closed, we have been working on many things to help out during these trying times.

As many of you know, the many trails on the Mill Grove preserve remain open! We have about 5 miles of unpaved, natural hiking trails for you to explore and experience nature up-close. Additionally, we have a paved path known as the Audubon Loop that provides a relaxing journey around the perimeter of our site. Getting outside and experiencing some sun and nature is a great way to stay active and healthy – just make sure you are maintaining a safe 6 foot minimal distance, and wearing a mask while doing it!

Tenderfoot Trail
Looking to do something a little more with your family while hiking? Then don’t miss our Tenderfoot Trail, a guided path created by a local Eagle Scout to explore nature and wildlife. This interactive path is marked with numbered signs, and you can follow along with the matching brochure to explore each station.
The Discovery Center
The Discovery Center has grown to be a community establishment within Fairmount Park and the Strawberry Mansion Neighborhood. During these trying times, we wish everyone to be healthy and safe, and we want to stay connected with you. To help keep our spirits up, we have created some different ways to stay engaged and get outdoors!

While The Discovery Center and internal trails remain closed, we want to remind you that the larger Fairmount Park paths are still open! Getting outside and in nature is an easy way to brighten your day and stay healthy – just remember to maintain a safe 6 foot social distance from other people, and wear a mask while you’re doing it! And if you miss the sights and sounds of the Strawberry Mansion Reservoir, you can still get a glimpse of it from Fairmount Park’s Boxer’s Trail.

Scavenger Hunt
Although closed, you can still explore The Discovery Center’s front path, which we have turned into a native plant garden! Explore the different plants that are native to the area, and see what wildlife you can observe in them – birds feeding, insects crawling, and more! And if you want to turn it into a fun activity for you and your family, try our Scavenger Hunt and test your observation skills!
Flying High: Audubon PA's Online Learning Series
Looking for something to do at home or on a rainy day? Then don’t forget about our weekly episodes of Flying High: Learning Adventures! Our staff at Audubon Pennsylvania and The Discovery Center have created some fun, interactive videos to teach you and your family about birds, nature, art and more! New episodes come out every Wednesday at 5 pm on our website and Facebook pages.
Thank You Volunteers!
The John James Audubon Center thanks our wonderful and dedicated bird volunteers that have continued to care for our feathered friends. Over the past year, they have put in almost 1,000 hours since April last year doing cleaning of the enclosures, feeding, enrichment and educating the public. You will see them highlighted over the next few weeks on our Facebook page and get to see some behind the scenes with our birds!
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