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Northern Cardinal, Boyce Thompson Arboretum
Arizona and Accessible Birding Opportunities
Educator Corey Lycopolus set out to document Arizona’s birding areas accessibility options and conditions Read more
Northern Cardinal, Boyce Thompson Arboretum. Photo: Corey Lycopolus
Pine Siskins
Backyard Birding by Katie Weeks, Director of Community Education
This past year has given us new relationships with the spaces we live in, and a greater appreciation for the nearby nature of backyards and urban streets. Like so many of us, I have spent more time at home than ever before, finding new ways to entertain and occupy my brain while honoring the state’s Stay At Home orders. Rather than stopping off at water treatment plants after work, or travelling to new trails on the weekends, my birding habit has shifted considerably to the small half-mile radius around my home.
Pine Siskins. Photo Cynthia Raught / GBBC
News from Audubon Southwest and beyond, including Legislative Priorities
Clark's Nutcracker
New Mexico Legislative Alert 2021
The 2021 Legislative session kicked off on Tuesday January 19th and promises to be a session like no other. Read more
Clark's Nutcracker. Photo Anita Merrigan
Hooded Oriole
Advancing AZ's Groundwater Management to Protect Our Water Supply
Several bills before the legislature would protect people and birds. Read more
Hooded Oriole. Photo Donald Quintana / APA
Principales prioridades del agua de Arizona para la legislatura este año
Una nueva mirada a cómo la casa estatal puede apoyar las vías fluviales de Arizona. In English here
  Read more
Western Water in the New Year
Moving forward with urgency for policies that are equitable and rooted in science. Read more
New study details how California’s Central Valley and the Colorado River Delta in Mexico provide food and shelter for globally significant numbers of migratory birds.
The importance of protecting these valuable areas is apparent. Read more
Three environmental bills in NM pass their first committees
“This is a very simple bill, it would just create a single database that would centralize the state’s basic environment data,” said Judy Calman, who is the New Mexico policy director for the Audubon Society and worked extensively on the legislation.  Read more
Climate Change is Driving Water Scarcity Across the West
Arizona needs progress on its renewable energy standards, not retreat
  Read more
NM Heritage Act Modernizes State Wildlife Management
The bill would expand the wildlife department’s mission to do more to address the needs of non-game species and update several provisions implementing better wildlife management practices. Read more
Yellow-headed Blackbird
Black History Month
Celebrating Black Nature Poetry
Yellow-headed Blackbird. Photo Steve Torna / APA
Sandhill Cranes
February's Bird of the Month
Las Grullas, the Sandhill Cranes
Sandhill Cranes. Photo Mario Garcia

Videos and Podcasts from Audubon Southwest

TAP THAT AZ, featuring Cathy Wise & Steve Prager on Arizona’s first bird-friendly beer garden.

ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION at the Randall Davey Audubon Center & Sanctuary in Santa Fe, and the Nina Mason Pulliam Rio Salado Nina Pulliam Center in Phoenix

HOW TO USE YOUR VOICE FOR BIRDS  If you missed our webinar on how to take legislative action in NM, here’s the recording.

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