Find out about the impacts of the drought near you and what Audubon is doing to stop them.
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National Audubon Society
Western Rivers Action Network News | 09.2016
Drought Monitor Map

As seen in the map above, drought is still raging throughout the West. The implications to our beloved birds could be disastrous and we are already seeing the impacts. Fortunately there are people like you, Audubon supporters who care about saving critical bird habitat. Audubon is working hard to secure federal agency collaboration and funding to address this emergency head-on. By working as a network, state programs in Arizona, California, Colorado, and New Mexico can leverage local leadership to fund water conservation, habitat restoration, and uphold bedrock environmental laws to protect our most vulnerable birds and wildlife. Read on to see some of the impacts of the drought near you and what Audubon is doing to stop them.
September ASU Forum
Training the Network to Face an Uncertain Water Future
Building a future in which water supplies are both secure and sufficient to meet human and environmental needs is a task of historic proportions, but Arizona’s WRAN team is up to the challenge. Learn about how Arizona WRAN members are preparing for the work ahead.  Read more.
Discussing water, climate, and agriculture at this month’s ASU forum. Photo: Marshall Johnson.
Around the Colorado River Basin
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