We have this one opportunity to influence the new water plan: Add your name to the petition today!
Audubon Rockies
Strengthen the Colorado Water Plan for Birds and People
Lazuli Bunting.
Add your name to protect Colorado’s river systems for our birds and all Coloradans.
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Without a strong and accountable water plan for Colorado, birds like the Lazuli Bunting face an uncertain future.
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Dear Audubon Advocate,

Impacts of climate change—like aridity, wildfires, and floods—are taking a toll on Colorado’s river systems and critical habitat for birds. Over the majority of the last ten years, Colorado has been racking up superlatives like "hottest," "driest," and sadly, more than one "historical wildfire" title.

In the face of these increased threats, we must act quickly to increase water resilience for birds and all Coloradans. The first ever update to the Colorado Water Plan is happening right now and will direct water management for the next ten years.

We have this one opportunity to influence the new water plan: Add your name to the petition today to protect Colorado's rivers, ecosystems, and sustainable water supplies—values that benefit everyone. Audubon Rockies will present your signature at the Colorado Water Conservation Board meeting September 20-21.

Birds and people rely on healthy watersheds, rivers, and wetlands. In 2015, the inaugural Colorado Water Plan sparked an outpouring of civic engagement statewide—the Colorado Water Conservation Board received more than 30,000 public comments on priorities and direction for the plan. Through two drafts, Audubon’s network provided nearly 20 percent of general comments received, and Audubon staff provided technical environmental resilience and stream ecology language.

We now have a chance to influence the plan update. A diversity of voices, needs, and knowledge must be integrated into this water plan update process. We need your engagement again—right now.

Together, we can protect Colorado’s incredible river systems and the birds that depend upon them.
Abby Burk
Western Rivers Regional Program Manager
Audubon Rockies
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P.S. If you'd like more information, click here for our Colorado Water Plan Update Explainer.
Photo: Mick Thompson
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